Ten minute blog post! Go!

This morning I was thinking about all the things that came together to help me through my burnout this year, which in turn (or coincidentally) were also really great for my grief process.

One of the most important inspirations was attending the Poetry Project’s New Year’s Day poetry reading marathon in New York City. Enrique and I spent several hours there. It was such an amazing experience. The flow of words, ideas, imagery and imagination from such a wide array of creative genius made my heart soar. I felt like my soul was nourished that day. I felt like my own inner creative fire was rekindled. We are going back this year!

The next most important thing was actually quitting my job. Now, at some point I’ll write about how this didn’t exactly provide me with the immediate release I needed, but it was pivotal.

Next came an accelerated spiraling downward, a piling on of so many of the factors that had led to my burnout in the first place. But a loved friend gave me permission to let go. Somehow I needed that.

Then came several months of rest and travel and exposure to new people and what I think of as creative INPUT — my seeking out of art and writing and ideas to help me shift my perspective. I must thank Liz Belile for putting together a weekly support group. We called ourselves GREATNESS in all capitals! I actually only went to one meeting, but the women I met there proved catalytic to my creative change. Thank you, GREATNESSes.

I also must thank Maricarmen Wilson and the goddesses I met on my retreat to Tulum.

These two groups of women, who, really, I still hardly know, have become such important players in my inner landscape, motivating me, supporting me, believing in me.

Thank you women!

I’m running out of time, but will soon write about the amazing time I had on my trip to the far north with Enrique: Finland and St Petersburg and the effect of the LIGHT and the notion that I was really standing on another part of the planet, the planet in space, and my drama so silly within all that. The universe in ME, my desire to set it free. Thank you, Enrique.

And then, finally… the closest to home: this little dog who has taught me so much, and inspired my attempt to write our story here. Thank you, Benny.


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