Benny was kicked out of Doggie District!

IMG_1902After being such a good boy for most of the trip, Benny rebelled when I dropped him off at the kennel in Las Vegas. About 5 minutes after I left they called me and said he had lunged at them and wouldn’t let anyone come near him. They were kinda freaked and said he couldn’t stay there after all.

Poor Benny!

I had warned them… but they were just not prepared for a difficult little, poorly socialized terrier. When I got back, he was standing in the middle of a play room, all by himself, snarling.

It was very upsetting!

Luckily I found another kennel staffed with actual dog trainers who understood Benny and reassured me that he would be fine. He was wagging his tail and begging for treats when I left him.

We’ll see how he punishes me when I pick him up!

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